UnBox your RichBox and


Win up to +2000 $SOL in rewards

Lucky or not, you can reload the box, open it again or resell it.

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What is a Richbox ?

An NFT mystery box that rewards
SOLANA coins to the lucky

Some Richbox has rewards inside from 1 SOL to 50 SOL to a total of +2000 $SOL. Others come with NFT cards and once in awhile a 500 $sol jackpot is released.
To get rewards you need to open it.
Richboxes can be reloaded and opened again to give it as many tries as you want. Current reload price is 0,2 SOL
Boxes can be sold or rent (see roadmap). Prices will increase as boxes upgrade as odds to win increases.
Every reload increases status, and the more status, the more options to get rewards, so box price increases.
Every 14 status increase with no reward, box upgrades to the next level. The more the level the more the odds to give rewards, so box price increases again.
Richbox features

You can win 1 to 50 SOL at anytime. Open a Richbox and check the Rewards Machine.

Richbox odds
12% Odds to win 1 Solana
1% of loaded boxes will deliver 1 Solana
10 SOL
0,2% of loaded boxes will deliver 1 Solana
50 SOL
0,02% of loaded boxes will deliver 1 Solana
?% super JACKPOT

If you open a Richbox and don’t get rewarded, you can always reload it or resell it. Mind that status will increase every time it opens with no reward.

Richbox levels

Level Name Multiplier
1 Onasis 1
2 Astor 13
3 Vanderbilt 23
4 brunei 35
5 khan 47
6 Romanov 61
7 Carnegie 77
8 Rockefeller 97
9 Rothschild 123
10 Caesar 159

Boxes upgrade to next level every 14 states. Rewards machine gives you the multiplier number of spots on every round. So if you have a Brunei box, you are playing like 35 Onasis.

  • Private sale
  • Public Mint
  • Public Sale

Only 600 whitelist spots available

An additional 100 priority spots are reserved to the OGs

Please check discord to get a spot

Private sale to be started soon: TBA

Apply to the whitelist now!

Also please check discord whitelist channel

Last stage. Public Richbox minting

Total supply at this point is (TBA) Richbox
Minting price is set to 1 SOL

Final minting date: TBA

Go to marketplace to purchase at this point

After all initial sales finished you need to access the collection at available marketplaces.

Marketplaces will be activated after minting

Minting date in
  • Tdays
  • BHours
  • AMinutes
  • Seconds


Find here all major Frequently asked questions. Use twitter/discord to ask anything you need to clarify

How does the #richbox work ?

The #richbox works easily, you mint one, you open it and if lucky you will get one reward from 1 to 50 of the +2000 #solana, also you can get NFT cards or the big 500 $SOL jackpot
At this point, you can reload the #richbox and try to get another reward, or you can resell it. In the future you will be able to rent, and change main smartcontact and use #richbox to store coins, nft, to transfer them fully loaded, etc.
Check the whitepaper to fully discover this project.

How many RichBoxes will it be ?

TBA founder #richbox will be released.

We will start with:
600 at the private sell,
TBA at the public mint,

and some are kept to promoters, giveaways and team members.

What will be the price ?

We are considering 4 different prices:

0,5 #solana at private sell (whitelist)
1 #solana at the public mint, and
1,5 #solana at the marketplace

When do they release ?

We are considering the private sale and public minting to start in march/april 2022. It will be announced in twitter and discord.

What the boosters are ?

To enhance #richbox features and odds to win rewards you can get, receive, buy or swap boosters.
Those are capsules or devices you can plug into the #richbox to activate them. For example a 5X booster will increase by 5 your odds to get a reward as if you were opening 5 boxes at the same time.
You can have an autoload booster that will reload the #richbox after opening it, whether you have been rewarded or not.
There will be booster on security, design, rewards amount increase, etc.

Which wallet can I use to mint ?

All popular solana wallets as Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Sollet, and Sollet (Extension).

How many can you mint per wallet ?

As an standard of NFT collections, we allow 5 units per wallet. Please contact if you are an organization or have a justified reason to get more.

Can be the richboxes reloaded, reused, reselled ?

That is one of the major features. #richbox is not a onetime #misterybox, it can be reloaded and open it as many times as you want. Also everytime you reload it, the #richbox increases status, anb when you reach status 14, you will upgrade #richbox level. The more status, teh more the level, the more the odds to win a reward, so the #richbox price increases ;D

How does the rarity chart work?

As a #richbox it's an #utilityNFT rarity comes with profitability, not just graphical design. This means some #richbox has more odds to get the opening rewards, and some gets more staking rewards. Please check the whitepaper to fully understand as this is amazing.

How can I make money with richboxes ?

The magic of the #richbox comes now! by owning a #richbox, you can participate in the game.

Open a #richbox and get one of the +2000 #solana:
Some #richbox comes with NFT cards, and you have some odds to get $SOL:
10,5% with 1 #solana,
1,2% with 3 #solana,
0,3% with 10 #solana,
0,02% with 50 #solana and
?% with 500 #solana JACKPOT.

After opening you can reload it paying the reload fee, and try again or resell it. By owning a founder #richbox, you will get some of the profits of the game (1% to 10% as a forever dividend), at every round. This percentage depends on minting rarity treats. Please chech the whitepaper to understand all of this correctly.

Of course a #richbox can be sold, empty or loaded, and as the project will grow, the price will increase. Mind that founder boxes are unique, and the only ones that will provide dividend.

It is important to repeat that everytime a #tichbox is reloaded, it increases status. Every 14 statuses increase, the #richbox is upgraded to the next level. At every increase, the odds to win a reward increases too, so the price of the #richbox raises in case you want to sell and get a profit.


1Q 2022 | JANUARY

The fortunes started

1Q 2022 | FEBRUARY

Website and Social Networks Launch

2Q 2022 | JUNE

Presale (whitelist)

3Q 2022 | JULY

Public Minting

3Q 2022 | JULY

Rewards machine initialized

3Q 2022 | JULY

Global Richboxes unlock
Opening boxes available

3Q 2022 | JULY

Open secondary market
Launch on Magic Eden

3Q 2022 | SEP

Boosters launch
Enhance your richboxes

3Q 2022 | OCT

Unveil 5 new richbox levels

3Q 2022 | NOV

Rewards machine update

1Q 2023 | JAN

App developement to buy, sell reload, visualize, rent, other.

1Q 2023 | FEB

Box Rental

1Q 2023 | FEB

Superichboxes Launch

2Q 2023 | APR

Rewards machine update

1Q 2023 | JUNE

App Launch

1Q 2023 | JULY

Box storage and transfers

2Q 2023 | OCT

Smart boxes: escrow, comets, countdown, safebox ...

3Q 2023 | DEC

FUTURE is comming
Richbox will enter the metaverse and being used in games too

Meet our core team

Ricart Juncadella

Founder & CTO

Peter Brenner + assoc.

Web + blockchain

Ayoub Nassib

Art director

Raquel Salvador

Community manager



We are looking for experienced and skilled profiles to join the team


We are looking for experienced and skilled profiles to join the team


We are looking for experienced and skilled profiles to join the team


We are looking for experienced and skilled profiles to join the team

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